It can be quite difficult for a small business to solicit reviews personally so that they have to rely on positive word-of-mouth recommendations. However, there is social media and review sites that provide space for customers who want to speak their minds. It is very easy for customers to post an opinion that will represent the best of the brand.

While it is more likely for negative posts to gain more attention, an occasional bad review can be offset by consistently good reviews. Happy and satisfied customers are very willing to share their positive experiences with a brand; simply ask them to leave their feedback on Facebook, Twitter or third-party review platforms.

Customer reviews are the social proof that your business can be trusted. There are also SEO benefits to good reviews particularly since Google looks favourably on reliable review platforms. The website of a small business may not immediately reach the top of search results but reviews will put them in a more favourable position to increase traffic to the site.

To make the process of soliciting reviews simpler and easier, include a direct link to a social media platform or review site where they can leave their feedback. If the business has a physical store, provide them with a QR code that will take them to a review site.

A digital marketing agency believes that by providing customers with a good experience, they can generate a more positive king kong marketing agency review online. They encourage customers to share their satisfactory experience by politely asking for a review.