It is typical for football fans to search for directions to English football stadiums particularly if it their first time to travel and watch a match. Directions are very critical for fans that are not lucky enough to live near the stadium. Traveling can be very exciting but if you do not know the direction, the experience can be frustrating.

Why are West Ham fans unhappy with their stadium? The stadium has hosted some of the greatest British events for the last 50 years. It is beautiful but the half billion pound stadium is full of holes, gaps and missing pieces. There are large canyons in between the prefab stands that are decorated with plastic claret sheets. It certainly does not feel like a football stadium.

It is important for a football stadium to have character. It is more important than capacity and a technologically advanced concourse. According to Professor Murray Fraser of the Bartlett School of Architecture in London, when you go to Anfield, it is literally the church of the community surrounding it. People who live around the stadium have a huge sense identity with the place. It is similar to Manchester United’s giant Old Trafford that feels like it is part of the community.

It is easy to consider new stadiums are physical manifestations of things that are wrong with games today but these grounds changes the culture in the community. Identity is very important but is sometimes lost. Stadiums have to resonate with local communities. In the case of the London Stadium, it is located in a park that is away from residents.

Security measures have to be put in place during the Olympics; hence, the location of the London stadium. However, it does not inspire the football fans. The 67,000 seats are barely full making it one of the worst stadiums that a club ever had.

Fans love the football atmosphere that they do not mind traveling a good distance to watch a match. If you are driving and unsure of directions, this site can provide you with considerable information on English football stadiums from directions on how to get  there to the current prices of tickets for a normal match day.