The sun is a free source of renewable energy that has the least impact on the environment. Households using solar on the Gold Coast as their energy source are no longer dependent on the utility supplier. Savings can be expected on the energy bill with additional money earned when unused electricity generated is sold back to the grid.

Ashford Borough Council has proposed the development of a 9-megawatt solar farm on council land to provide a significant source of income for the local authority. The project will be developed on a 50-acre plot of land located in Shadoxhurst, Southwest of Ashford in Kent.

The council purchased the land in 2017. Although the land is currently being used for grazing, it was determined that it offers little scope for agricultural use. As a result, the council agreed that the best use for the land is as a solar farm.

The development of a solar farm could export solar to the grid and generate about £7 million for the whole 25-year life expectancy. The profits from the solar farm will be used to secure council services particularly during challenging economic climates. After receiving approval from the cabinet, the council is now conducting consultations with local communities and the parish councils. Afterwards, a formal planning application will be made.

According to Graham Galpin, portfolio holder for the council’s corporate property, the council is proactively seeking different ways to be able to secure additional funding. They also believe that it is their duty to lead in the improvement of air quality using green and sustainable means to generate electricity.

If the plans become a reality, the council will able to secure funding in a manner that will have a positive effect on the borough’s carbon footprints. Councils in the UK have turned to solar with increasing regularity to deliver consistent returns on investment.

By generating your own electricity through solar on the Gold Coast, you can help the environment by reducing your carbon footprints. The investment on solar panels will immediately translate to savings on the energy bill. Solar energy is available for free; why not take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy free electricity?