Wedding preparations are not just stressful, they are also time consuming and costly. With everything that needs to be prepared and planned, it is no wonder that most couples hire a Sydney wedding planner for their major event. However, the reality about wedding planners is that they can cost around $3,000 although the amount varies depending on your location, wedding date, design, and other wedding details. Hiring a professional wedding planner might sound expensive but the truth is, there are some ways to reduce the costs. Here are some tips:

Choose an affordable planner

Less experienced wedding planners or the newbies collect lower professional fees. If you have a limited wedding budget, they are the type that you should be looking for. You can also look for a more experienced Sydney wedding planner and negotiate on the rates. Choose a low wedding season for you to better negotiate the planner’s professional fee.  A newbie wedding planner is looking for experience so you can easily negotiate for the rates. They are also more concerned in gaining more experience and in expanding their network in the industry more than the fee.

Opt for cheaper professional services

You can also save money on other wedding aspects that require professional services. For instance, instead of hiring professional wedding videographers and photographers, you may want to hire students or newbies in the field.  You can also look for music students or members of a local band for your wedding singer and a local cake maker and florist instead of buying imported ones. Ask your local florist for cheaper yet impressive flower arrangements for your wedding.

Order from local suppliers

In order to lower your wedding expenses further, choose locally made products and supplies. Instead of buying imported wines, you can opt for local wines. You can also save a lot of money if you will order your wedding gown from a local seamstress instead of buying your gown abroad. Consult your chosen Sydney wedding planner to find out where you can get your needed services and products at a lower cost.