Low iron glass is typically used for home décor applications like splashbacks because it transmits the true colour that is expected by the designer. Low iron glass is more expensive because it does not have the inherent green tinge that affects lighter colours. Recently, low iron insulating glass was used on the Comcast Technology Centre that is considered as Philadelphia’s Stairway to Heaven with its tall glassy base.

The Comcast Technology Centre is preparing for early tenants to move early this year. Once completed the centre will be the tallest building in the city and the 9th tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. The 60-story building that is located at 1800 Arch Street has a height of 1,121 feet (342 meters). It is adjacent to the 58-story Comcast Centre which is the headquarters of Comcast Corporation.

The world renowned British-based architectural firm Fosters + Partners were hired by Comcast and its partner Liberty Property Trust to design the soaring glass tower.The design of Foster was intended to signify the city’s emergence as a technology hub with a factory-style loft feel and intimate decorative details inspired by the city’s industrial heritage.

The design drawings were inspired by the 1930’s vintage Streamliner passenger rail cars that were constructed from stainless steel and produced by former Philadelphia-based Edward Budd Manufacturing Company.

The new iconic structure in the city is linked to public transport and will cater to a walking urban lifestyle that is highly favoured by the millennial tech talents of this generation. Some of the most interesting features of the technology centre include soaring structural glass, glass lobby façade, glass elevators at the building’s corners where you gain an extraordinary view of the city, glass atrium sky gardens and restaurant at the top floor with a 360-degree view of the city. Everything in the building is created to make a very strong statement.

The good news is the availability of quality glass with low iron content when considering options for décor. In order not to compromise on design and style, glass manufacturers now produce low iron glass to achieve the correct glass splashback colours that you have in mind.