The warm humid climate which has been ongoing for weeks can only mean a sudden increase of pests within the kitchen. It’s now the season for summer cockroaches, while commercial and residential buildings are badly needing pest control in Sydney to eradicate them.

Fumapest has been handling the dreaded roaches in Sydney and the Central Coast since the 1960s and agreed that it’s now time for the bumper season.

Glenn Dubois, Fumapest’s managing director said, “By the time it strikes 25º at night with humid situations, the phones just can’t stop ringing.”

“You watch cockroaches coming out, and there can be more in the holes of the wall,” he said.

“We are receiving several phone calls per week, and it just doesn’t stop.”

John Walsh, a Central Coast-based pest control expert, said he has been flooded with phone calls.

“The current conditions are ideal for breeding making it normally a peak cockroach season,” he said.

Mr. Walsh said having hundreds of cockroaches present in the house will make people consider that it is very dirty.

“When people had to choose between spiders and cockroaches, people prefer cockroaches are something they hate – it’s actually a shame,” he said.

Geoff Hawes, owner of the Central Coast Pest Services, consented that summer 2016 was indeed a very busy year for the business.

“You can watch cockroaches move here and there for this season than in recent years,”

“The pest control in Sydney happens to be your source of income, mainly focusing on termite extermination, but cockroaches are also something that needs attention.”

“It’s actually due to people wanting them eradicated as they are not the most appealing insects,” he said.

Facts about Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches almost eat anything organic even if it’s rancid.
  • Cockroaches hide in dark warm places by the day, and emerge at night.
  • You need to maintain proper hygiene but even then, the cleanest homes can have cockroaches seeking food stuff in dark places.
  • The three kinds of cockroaches typically found in an Australian home are the American, German and Oriental varieties.
  • The irrational and morbid fearfulness of cockroaches is known as Katsaridaphobia.