Luxury holiday rentals in Scotland can offer the comfort families usually seek for a week or two. Most of the time, these homes located in stunning neighborhood are being rented by the financially privileged people and tourists planning to take their vacation. Other than the rental of a place that would serve as an accommodation just for the holidays, a lot of families explore the private rental market for a long-term accommodation or possibly a lifetime.

According to a report, there had been a great number of people having a difficult time finding a suitable place to rent. In fact, 43% of the 1000 people who participated in a poll created by the Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) and Council of Letting Agents (CLA) described it to be “very difficult” as they had been searching for a suitable place to rent for the past five years. According to SAL, this problem is clearly due to a shortage of supply. The people voiced out their concern on the matter by calling the attention of the government to make ways to increase standards in order to pave way for more investors in the said sector and ensure tenants a fair share of money. Apart from this call addressed to the Scottish government, some people also mentioned about the poor kind of treatment that they have received from landlords.

According to John Blackwood, the chief executive of SAL, the team is deeply aware that rules and regulations are necessary to be established to lessen the cases in which tenants are unfairly treated by landlords and letting agents. He added that SAL will be doing its best in order to drive out from the sector the people showing unprincipled attitude towards tenants. On the other hand, only responsible tenants without anti-social behavior should remain in their jobs. Equally important to establishing measures to protect tenants is to prioritize the application of techniques to increase investment in the private-rented sector.

According to a Scottish government spokeswoman who was not named in the report, ministers are already working with housebuilding industries. Adding to this, she said that the government is funding Homes For Scotland (HFS) led by Gerry More to lead in solving the problem in the lack of private rent supply. These are just a few of the actions that are currently taken by the government and are looked forward to materialize into what the citizens of Scotland need – private rentals.