October 29, 2014 – Kitchen renovations can be very expensive. If you plan doing renovations on your kitchen then you must know that they range on the tens of thousands scale. Saskatchewan homeowners and contractors think that amount is too much for them so they decide to go to down south for a less expensive approach.

Canadian and Saskatchewan Lenny Protz is building himself a luxury home in Saskatoon. He wanted his kitchen to have high-end tops and cabinetry but unfortunately, upon consulting local Saskatoon contractors, he learned that was not meant to be. They had estimated the costs for kitchen and bathroom construction/renovation to amount up to $60 to $70 thousand dollars including the installation fee. Protz said that he thought the price was too high. He also remarked that it’s not just the kitchen cabinetry but everything else is also highly priced because the markets dictate them so.

After finding out that his plans were not cost efficient, he decided to do some online research and found a home improvements store based in Minot, North Dakota. He immediately sent his measurements and was happy to know that the cost would only amount to $42 000 dollars.

After three weeks of waiting, Protz made a seven-hour trip to North Dakota to pick up the cabinets and countertops he had ordered.

Protz was amazed at the speed of the service done by the home improvements store and had also said that after taking it home and installing it, he had saved up to $20 000 dollars.

A news network immediately contacted several of the contractors from Saskatoon but none would agree to an interview. They said that they don’t find Protz south of the border deals as an issue because they haven’t heard anyone ever doing it and they had also questioned the quality of the service of the south.

Protz, though, stated that they were of great quality of solid wood and maple with dove-tail finishing.

The local contractors had furthered stated that Canadians who choose to shop in the US may find difficulty in redressing if there are any issues encountered with the materials and warranties.

That’s not stopping the Canadians though.

The home improvements store had remarked that they are selling more to people in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba than they ever had.

Protz had also further commented that shopping at the US home improvements store was hassle-free and that he is very happy and satisfied with their services.