The growth of tourism has spurred the hospitality industry to use different tools in their marketing promotions. One of the tools that are typically used is aerial view maps to attract visitors and enhance local pride. While these maps are not drawn according to strict scale, they give a viewer a familiar sense of recognition.

At the Bloloop conference in the United Kingdom, The London Resort revealed that the park’s first planned gate is scheduled for opening in 2024 while the second gate on the 535-acre site will open by 2029. If the resort proceeds as planned, it will be Europe’s 3rd multi-gate theme resort. The other two are Disneyland Paris and Port Aventura World.

An aerial view map of the resort shows The High Street that will be full of shops, restaurants, hotels, a convention center and a first class waterpark. Visitors can start their journey at The Studios with its big blockbuster features of explosive action, high octane car chases and high stake espionage. The Woods will be an enchanted realm of eternal springtime. Both children and the young-at-heart can step through the pages of a storybook of bedtime stories, fairy tales and fables.

From The Woods, a visitor can continue the journey to The Kingdom to experience the realm of swords, sorcery, dragons and legends. At the north is The Isles with giant creatures, mythical beasts and adventures that are literally jaw-dropping. The Starport is the final land focused on futuristic experiences, alien encounters and big thrill rides.

Meanwhile, people are skeptical over the project because of the delays. However, the project is being funded by Kuwaiti money. Most new parks outside of China over the last decade were funded by the Middle East. With the uncertainty over British tourism due to Brexit, The London Resort is expected to bring a large audience from Britain and beyond.

The interest of people can be easily captured by aerial view maps because they offer something different to the traditional road maps. The aerial view map highlights street patterns, buildings, landmarks and major landscape features while the regular road maps provide an accurate rendition of distances for navigation.