Industries across the world got hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, though those with online strong presence like Rabinky Art have done much better.

California’s creative economy hasn’t been so lucky, according to a report, having lost around 284,000 create jobs, in fields like fashion, entertainment, and digital media, as well as arts institutions. Counting indirectly lost jobs, the state lost 678,000 positions from February to August.

The data showed that employment in entertainment and digital media in California dropped from 1,256,600 in February, down to 1,026,700 in August, a drop of 18%. During the same time period, employment in fine arts, as well as performance and arts institutions, dropped from 61,500 to 37,700 jobs, a 39% drop.

Independent research firm Beacon Economics handled the study for the Otis College of Art and Design, with the data sourced from the California Employment Development Department and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The creative industry is a major part of California’s economy, meaning that the jobs lost cost the state $58.4bn in lost labor income, with the state’s total economic output dropping by $160.7bn during the six-month period covered by the report.

Film production hasn’t fully resumed for big TV and film productions, with unions and producers only having recently decided on safety protocols for working. In turn, the loss of film jobs have spread out to small businesses that are reliant on the industry, like cleaners and caterers. The motion picture sector, which is primarily concentrated in Los Angeles County, had its employment numbers dropped by 45% from February to August, which only had 98,000 jobs.

Beacon Economics Research Director Adam J. Fowler says that the creative industries; businesses like Rabinky Art, even nonprofit and cultural arts organizations, are key parts of the United States’ regional economies, being particularly important to economic growth in the state of California. They add that, as they work on recovering from the pandemic, they need support from the federal, state, and local levels in order to ensure that the creative sector can properly get back on its feet.

The report from Beacon and Otis noted the devastating effect the COVID-19 pandemic had on the creative industries, which are key parts of California’s economy.