New York City has always been particularly attractive to map makers because of its diverse population, recognizable street grids and changing skyline. Many map illustrations have been made with New York City as the inspiration that reflect the city’s culture when they were created. Map illustrations of New York City and other popular American cities can be found on their website.

New York City has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. After 3 months of lockdown and hardships, the city is preparing to reopen. As many as 400,000 workers will be returning to their jobs in retail stores, construction sites and manufacturing companies. Several weeks ago, normalcy seemed inconceivable.

After being closed for 3 months, retail stores are preparing to do business starting with curbside and in-store pickups. Construction companies are preparing masks and gloves as part of their safety measures. Manufacturing floors that have been idle for weeks will be full of workers testing machines.

Both state and city officials are optimistic that the city will spring back to life. Testing is robust and new infections are down. It is undoubtedly challenging for businesses and New Yorkers. Profits are not expected until 2022 with the loss of 885,000 jobs during the outbreak. The city budget from its tax revenue faces a $9 billion shortfall over the next year.

Reopening of businesses has been further complicated by protests for racial justice. Looters took advantage of protests and burglarized hundreds of stores. Shop owners have to cover their glass windows with plywood while police enforce a nightly curfew.

The high-end retail neighborhoods of Manhattan that were hit hard by looters are not prepared to reopen amidst the restrictions on capacity and social distancing. Curfews will be lifted to coincide with reopenings but the city needs to heal before stores can actually sell.

Inn the new normal, businesses in New York need to rev up their advertising strategies. A good idea will be an illustrated map that focuses on the resilience and selflessness of the New Yorkers. Examples of illustrated maps can be found on their website. You will be fascinated by the imagery and artistry.