Last month, South Florida was hit with hurricane Irma and this is when Phil Simeone, owner of a tree service company, decided to ask for reinforcement. Around 20 workers from the branches located in Ohio and Alabama came to help with the current he has. The storm came on September 10 and the next day, the group was already busy cutting down trees that fell down during the storm and clearing all the debris it has created. Their daily tasks would be over after working between 16 and 18 hours. Business is booming in Perth tree services when natural disasters such as hurricane attack a certain town and this is what happened in South Florida.

Simeone shared that on the first day after the storm, they received 350 phone calls from homeowners and even a few weeks after the storm has passes, they still get a lot of calls. He is grateful that a lot of people were able to benefit from their services.

Before the end of last month, businesses in Florida are still busy as they are cleaning up the damages that have been caused by Irma. The tree services company owned by Simeone is located in Coconut Creek. In Boynton where the Westchester Golf & Country Club, they had to clear around 98 trees that fell and they transported all debris on the grounds. They have been commissioned to do tree lopping in and debris clean up in Lauderhill as well.

Simeone said that the unfortunate event has increased their business thus they were able to earn 50 per cent more compared to the same period of last year.

A landscape design company in Palm Beach County is also busy as many customers are calling for assistance as most of their shrubs and trees have been destroyed during the storm. The manager of the Magland Landscape Design, Yesi Munoz, said that there are very minimal damages on structures but cleanup is their priority as of the moment. Her team is working double time before the flower season starts. While these unfortunate events might not be a good thing to many, it brings work to Perth tree services and many service companies all over the globe.