Fitting the right tyre for your 4WD can be quite a confusing decision. You must consider your safety, the car’s controls and the wear on the tyres. You can experience several road conditions in Brisbane depending on where you choose to drive your 4WD. The grip required in dry and wet roads can e stronger. What about your speed and how you manoeuvre in the sand or muddy road? Your 4WD tyres in Brisbane should be able to satisfy your driving needs properly by reducing repair cost and frequency of puncture.

In this article, we shall be presenting 5 sure-fire ways that will help you in deciding the best tyre for your 4WD.

  1. Know the three tyre categories

Most people have a regular route they frequent with their 4WDs depending on where they live or where they work. The condition of the main roads varies for different locations. The time of the year is a big culprit in changing road conditions which may be smooth or rough and wet or dry. The three categories of tyres in Brisbane are the highway terrain, all-terrain and muddy terrain.

  1. Check the tyre ratings

Tyre ratings are important for your average driving speed and there are different ratings for each speed range. What about off-road driving and load rating? These are things to get conversant with. For instance, a 10-ply tyre rating will give the best resistance against wear and puncture on rocky terrain.

  1. Thread type

The thread on a tyre in Brisbane will tell you what situations it will perform better. Deep cut threads enhance better movement and control in mud, they can also withstand high loads but they low speed ratings.

  1. Warranty

A manufacturer that believes in the quality of their product will not hesitate to give out warranties. Some of the tyres in Brisbane even have free puncture and tyre damage warranty for life.

  1. Cost

There is always a cost effective to anything you buy. An affordable tyre that performs excellently is good value for money.