Bangkok is a beautiful city and capital of Thailand. The city experiences tropical climate and is humid throughout the year. However, the winter months are pleasant as the mornings are cool and tourists can enjoy visiting the sightseeing attractions.

If you are planning to visit Bangkok, here is a list of best seasons to plan your visit. If you visit Bangkok during the peak tourist season, it is advisable to book a hotel in Ploenchit, Sukhumvit or any other well-connected neighbourhood of Bangkok, in advance. Crowds of tourists throng the city during the peak season and hotels rates are costly and some hotels may be unavailable.

The best time to visit the world class city is during the winter months. Bangkok experiences winter season between November and February. The winters are cool with low temperatures and less humidity. However, owing to the rush of tourists, the prices tend to be high during this season. Tourists should preferably book a hotel in Ploenchit or any of their preferred neighbourhood at least two months in advance. Festivals like Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year are celebrated during this season. These festivals are celebrated with pomp and grandeur and tourists can enjoy the events, live performances and firecrackers during the festival period.

The hottest months in Bangkok are from March to June. The weather is hot and humid, with temperatures reaching forty degrees centigrade. This is the best time to visit the city, if sightseeing is not on your mind and you wish to relax in the luxurious hotel in Ploenchit and other areas. There are a lot of world class shopping malls in Bangkok. Tourists who visit Bangkok during summer months can visit these air conditioned shopping malls and indulge in some shopping therapy. The prices of hotels and other services are reasonable during the summer season.

Budget tourists looking for value for money should plan a visit to Bangkok during the monsoon season. The city experiences monsoon season from July to October. The temperatures are low but the humidity is very high. Most of the hotel in Ploenchit, Sukhumvit and other areas of the city are available at lower rates during the rainy season.