One of the most popular destination weddings is Thailand. It comes as no surprise that booking for wedding reception In Phuket is higher than in the past years. With the number of guests coming to the beach of Phuket on a daily basis, beach safety has become an immediate priority. According to the local government of Phuket, they have already allotted a budget worth 40 billion baht for the project. It will go towards securing the major beaches on the island as well as enhance the safety of the tourists to bring back confidence in one of the most popular tourist spots in Southeast Asia.

Phuket province’s governor, Phakaphong Tavipatana, said that the funding will be used in 2019 and will be divided among 12 famous beaches found around the island. The province has also appointed seven local offices that will handle administrative works as they tackle the dozen beaches. They will be assigned in creating a proposal on how they will implement the project, their action plans and then they also have to present the necessary budget requirements.

Karon Administrative Office will use around 11 million baht for the enhancement of security and safety as per the proposal. The money will be used to buy six rescue boats along with the employment of 35 lifeguards.

For the Rawai Administrative Office to employ 15 lifeguards, they will need 5.4 million baht. Sakhu Administrative Office is in charge of the beaches of Nai Thon and Nai Yang which need 2.5 million baht in order to get 12 lifeguards on duty. Seven of the lifeguards will be assigned at Nai Yang beach while the remaining five will work at Nai Thon beach.

The beaches of Surin and Bang Tao is under the Cherng Talay Administrative Office that needs 3.5 million in order to get 15 lifeguards while 2.3 million is needed for 12 lifeguards which will be handled by Kamala Administration Office. Hat Mai Khao administrative office will require 2 million baht to employ eight lifeguards who will be stationed at Mai Khao beach and lastly another 10 million baht is asked by the Patong Administrative Office because there are 26 lifeguards who will be under their payroll. This will ensure that wedding reception in Phuket will be as safe as it will ever be in the coming years.