When most people are asked about high-paying professions, removalists in Sydney aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But recent data has shown that being a tradie can be just as profitable.

New data from the job-quoting website, ServiceSeeking.com.au, shows just how much money tradies make on average, and it’s a lot of money. The data, which they acquired by comparing their sample of 121,000 quoted jobs during FY 2018, also listed down which tradies earn the most, and, surprisingly, it isn’t the plumbers and electricians in the AU, though they are close.

According to the list, the tradies at the top of the 2018 FY tradie rich list are removalists in Sydney and across NSW, with their charge-out rates sitting at a mind-boggling $95.21 per hour, which is a huge jump from 2017’s average hourly rate of $88.49 per hour.

The data, which has a breakdown for every state, shows that South AU removalists also sat at the top of their state’s list for the most well-paid tradies, in spite of a drop in their hourly rates to $94.83 per hour in 2018, down from 2017’s $102.32.

Meanwhile, the national average for removalists in the AU sat at $93.24 per hour.

Sitting at second place are plumbers, earning $83.04 per hour, $10 less than the national average for Aussie removalists. Following them are sparkies, handymen and carpenters. Rounding off the list are landscapers, plasterers, gardeners, painters and cleaners, the last sitting at tenth with an average national hourly wage of $33.41.

Plumbers in Western Australia and NSW sit at third and fourth place, respectively, with the former charging $92.22 per hour, the latter charging $90.83 per hour.

Removalists in WA sat at fifth, with an average rate of $90.35 per hour.

According to Service Seeking, handymen saw the biggest changes in rates based on percentages, with an increase in charge-out rates sitting at 11.97%.

Builders in Queensland moved into sixth spot with their large rate increase of 32.73%. In 2017, their average hourly rate sat at $66.77, and in 2018, it jumped up to $88.63.

Rounding out the top ten are removalists from Queensland, then WA sparkies, then removalists and plumbers from Victoria.