Because of the internet, consumers prefer to search online for products and services. For example, if a consumer wants to send a parcel to foreign destination, the best option will be courier online because of convenience and the ability to compare quotes. A large amount of information can also be accessed so that all the questions of the consumers will be effectively answered. has recently acquired e-retailer for $650 million to provide a better shopping experience for their customers in the Middle East. Compared to other parts of the world, ecommerce in the UAE is relatively small in scale. However, an online retailing boom is expected to be created with recent investment and acquisitions in the sector. has started to sell products to customers in the UAE through, to be able to grab a large share of the online market in the Middle East. plans to purchase, a marketplace for merchants and courier online in the UAE. will provide the customers of with more convenience because of their same and next-day delivery. With the support of, an improved shopping experience can be expected by consumers in the Middle East. is only selling a handful of Amazon products but it is a major step for consumers who prefer to shop online instead of relying on mall and shopping centres for.

Shoppers in the UAE still flock to malls but with the arrival of the world’s largest online retailer, the typical shopping preferences of consumers can change. At present shoppers, shoppers can order directly from but they have to pay steep cost to “shop and ship” product or delivered through courier companies. Now, online shoppers can use their Amazon accounts to access and purchase a great selection of products for the most affordable prices.

Consumers nowadays prefer courier online because they can access the site at any time of the day. A large amount of shipping information is also available online including reviews from previous customers. Online courier websites also provide useful tips on how customers can save on shipping costs through proper packaging.