It is important for a practicing professional to be covered by insurance in any case to protect their career as well as their clients. Take for example an individual looking for an accountant liability insurance, it is now easier to purchase their own through the modern method introduced by a company called Embroker. Embroker is considered to be the modern version for an insurance broker because it introduced a new and unique method to the outdated industry of insurance. The company is employing technology in order to get rid of paperwork as well as any usual redundancies. Prices of the insurance offered are also transparent to the individual applying for professional liability insurance as well as casualty and property lines.

People working under a law firm responsible in getting or renewing their malpractice insurance annually recognizes the fact that the process is not only time-consuming but frustrating at the same time. Embroker provides a smooth process with the help of a simple and digitized questionnaire. Through this, the company will be able to gather all the data they need to make sure that they are registered to the new policies and existing ones will be renewed accordingly.

Law firms and accountants now have to access to the platform of Embroker which is cloud-based thus it is now easier to purchase a professional liability insurance. With Embroker, the process is digitized and there is no need for paper applications or fax machines to complete the application or renewal. Once you enter a data in their platform, it will be stored safely and you have access to it anytime you want. Professionals are not required to fill up a form every year but they only need to make necessary updates on the information they have previously provided. With this, professionals will be able to focus more on their work and not dedicate too much time on clerical tasks.

The licensed experts that are employed under Ebroker all have at least a decade of experience which is why they are the most suitable persons to give advice on law firms and accountants. These brokers have the ability to determine if there are gaps in an accountant liability insurance and if they need to purchase additional coverage such as cyber liability or automotive.