Electrician Wayne Yaverbaumcame to Australia with a travel bug. However, his trip to the country gave him another bug, which is education. He was pushed to prove his papers by taking new exams that provide interest to his subjects.

Yaverbaum, who is aged 37 from Co Kildare, started his training as a Perth electrician after leaving school. He was hired by Mercury in 1997, one of Australia’s largest engineering firms, and he spent most of his job there, except for a three-year separation in 2013. Now he isback to his previous employment Mercury having recently returned from Ireland, and he plans to take up a college degree.

Why Choose to Leave Ireland?

I left Ireland for the very first time on a working-holiday visa way back in 2004. I knew what it was like leaving the country. In 2013, my family decided to relocate in Ireland. However, me and my wife were working, so we decided to give Australia a try. Our stay in Ireland was not a happy oneas people had to struggle with the not so good atmosphere.

Where Did You Go?

In Western Australia, we had buddiesworking for a resource boom, so we chose to visit Perth. In August 2013, I was hired and decided to stay here and my wife had a job in September. We were quite anxious about the new relocation but it was pretty exciting. The job that I had with a buddy was at IC Energy in Perth. Here I worked as a Perth electrician for the company.

In preparation of our application for permanent residency here in Australia, I had to get my trade recognized in Ireland first before coming here. Having this permanent residency can offer us more freedom, childcare and Medicare. It also meant heading to Belfast for theory and practical examination, interview and finally get registered. Then I had to undergo a six-months training course with continuous appraisals in Australia. A friend who worked for a Perth electrician assisted me into getting the job. Until I had all my documents, I worked as an unregistered electrician. I was so difficult for me to go back to school and take exams after all these years. However, it has provided me with education and I wish to go back to learn more.