Homeowners typically undertake home improvements for various reasons but the end goal is always the same – to get the highest returns on investment (ROI). In order to make a sound decision on which project will bring the best ROI, homeowners must focus towards the exterior of the home because it is what potential buyers see from the outside that makes them interested to see what is inside.

5 exterior renovations that provide the best returns on investments

  • Garage door replacement – according to Realty Times, a beat up garage door must be replaced so that the entire house will not look bad. Investing on a new garage door could result into an ROI of 84% while adding a garage door if you do not have one means ROI of 64.8%.
  • Manufactured stone veneer – can dramatically increase the character of a house and make it standout from all others in the market. Stone veneer is one of the home improvement’s that promises high ROI. In fact, in Cost vs. Value stone veneer ranked second among all projects that have a cost-value return of 92.2%. It is also the project that beats replacement of steel entry door.
  • Steel entry door replacement – has topped the Cost vs. Value reports for two straight years, meaning it should be on the top of your list for home improvements. Steel entry door replacement is also the home improvement project which on a national basis pays more than the investment.
  • Deck addition – is a home extension project that promises 80.5% ROI. Adding a deck has become an outdoor living trend that is very interesting for home buyers. It is smart project if you intend to sell your home very quickly.
  • Vinyl siding replacement – gives the impression that the house is well maintained and that the homeowners are making efforts to take proper care of the property. New sidings are expensive investments but with a high ROI of 80.7%

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