There are several reasons why successful businesses and organizations make it a point to have everything documented. In fact, they even invest on tools and technology just to have effective process documentation around the workplace. Following a certain process on how things are done provides numerous advantages to organizations and some of these include the following:

Understanding on what works and what doesn’t

When you have a process, you can immediately if there are any deviation as it will lead to unexpected results thereby giving you an idea what should be continued to be practised and the parts or stages in the process to be eliminated.


When you have process to follow, you go directly to what needs to be done allowing you to save time in the process. There is no need for you to explain and retrain people since the process is there and widely being practiced. You only need a process documentation to ensure that you are doing the same thing over and over again to achieve consistent result. With a functional process, you will eventually perfect the process and will increase your overall productivity. This will have a positive impact to the morale of your team members and on the way you deliver services to your targets.

Eliminate costly mistakes

When you have a consistent and routine process, you avoid committing mistakes and in the world of business or entrepreneurship, committing mistakes is tantamount to wasting your valuable resources which could negatively impact the entire organization.  A mistake in the way you execute the process will also cost you time since you have to do the entire process all over again.

Overall output quality

Another positive effect of having a process documentation is it inevitably increases the overall productivity of the organization since you do things faster and in a more efficient manner. To ensure that you will create an effective process, you can hire trainers for the process who will introduce tools and proven technology that will help the organization achieve its targets in less time and with fewer resources required.