Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is widely used in several industries for different applications. The material is highly reliable and durable and they can last for a long time. The material neoprene can also withstand the usual wear and tear, why is why it is preferred in demanding industries. For a sturdy and high demand material such as neoprene, you might be wondering if it is expensive enough for you to withdraw your savings just to purchase a product made of neoprene.

The answer to that is simple. The price of the material made of neoprene varies depending on its use, type, and function. For instance, wetsuits are generally expensive as they are used to keep one alive while under the water. A mouse pad can be cheap and so are laptop sleeves. However, if you want to get neoprene products at a more affordable price, here are some tips:

Buy recycled products

If you want to get neoprene products at a lower price, avoid buying brand new items. You can opt for second hand but are still in good condition or you can purchase items that are made from resurrection rubber or the type of rubber that are chopped and processed to create a different material. This way, not only were you able to save money on your items, you were also able to help reduce the need for raw materials to produce brand new items and you also prevent items from ending up in huge landfills. Buying recycled items is also a good way to help the environment and a good example that you can show to your family and friends.


If you have materials made of neoprene but you are no longer using them, you can opt to reuse them at home instead of throwing them away. You can make the materials into improvised can coolers, mouse pad and many others.

Shop around

Lastly, to save money on neoprene, visit different online and offline shops before buying. This way, you get to determine which of the suppliers offer your desired product at a much lower price.  You also get to save money with this buying practice.