With the wide range of slimming products in the market today, HCG weight loss in drops form is one of the most sought after supplement preferred by more dieters. HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotripin. It is made of natural ingredients and is proven safe and effective by FDA. The product has less reported cases of side effects and is recommended for people without medical issues and those who are not pregnant or lactating. To increase product efficacy, here are some tips:

Avoid starchy and sugary food

The key to a successful HCG weight loss program is keeping your food intake on track. Do away with food that are high in sugar and those that are rich in carbohydrates. Sweets and carbohydrates rich food stimulates the releasing of insulin in the body. Insulin is a type of fat storage hormone that is naturally found in your body. When you get low insulin level, fats from your fat stores are released and they get naturally burned by your body to create energy. Reduce or eliminate your carbohydrates intake to lower your insulin level. With reduced carbs and sugar, your hunger will be suppressed and you will eat less than you normally would.

Increase your protein intake

You can attain your target weight with HCG weight loss product by adding your protein consumption. Some good sources of protein are vegetables that include cauliflower, broccoli, celery, spinach, Brussels sprout, cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, and kale. There are available information on the internet for lists of low-carb veggies that are suitable for dieters. Lean meat such as chicken breasts, beef, salmon, shrimps, eggs, lobsters, lean pork and lamb are also rich in protein. Protein boosts metabolism and it also makes you feel easily satiated with less food consumption.

Regular exercise

To speed up your HCG weight loss development, exercise at least two to three times a week. Take 30 to 40 minutes of light workout such as aerobics or light outdoor exercises such as brisk walking and jogging. Avoid heavy exercises as it will eat up your calories.