There are several reasons why strip LED lights are in demand among homeowners and commercial establishments. One of the reasons is that traditional lighting requires high maintenance. Conventional bulbs and lights cannot be customized and are limited in terms of applications. LED lights are cost-efficient with minimum wattage requirement to light up a certain area. Because of its efficiency, it is a popular option among modern home owners nowadays. Here are some of the popular reasons why more people are turning to LED strip lights.

Can be customized

One of the main features of led strip lights is that you can cut it based on the length that you desire. Led strip lights can be purchased in rolls and also in meters but what makes the product unique is that you can cut the strip into few inches to accommodate your lighting design. This is something an ordinary or traditional lighting source cannot deliver. With led strip lights, you can choose the colour including the colour temperature that you want to be used in our home or establishment. You can also choose the right voltage, width, brightness, CRI and other specifications. This customization allows you to have freedom to control your project in terms of lighting.

Colour options

Another excellent feature of strip LED lights is that you can choose a wide array of colours for you to choose from. There are available single colours and multi-coloured strips in the market. You also have the option to use led strip lights that can be adjusted and dimmed to make it compatible to your wall and remote dimmers including your DMX systems and other forms of home automation systems.

Highly flexible

You can find availablestrip LED lights in 1/16 or 2mm thick so you can apply the strips even in narrow or tight spaces. You can also design the lights to be hidden in plain view as they can be stuck in any surface. All you have to do is remove the protective peeling at the back of the strip to apply the lights.