Preschool programs offered by communities in the United States including Anaheim preschool are intended to help provide parents with more options when it comes to education for their young children. The same goal wants to be achieved by the government of Taiwan which is why they decided to expand the preschool program in August of 2018. According to Su Tseng-chang, the premier of Taiwan, since the expansion of the program there have been 290,000 students ages two years and below who are able to benefit from it.

Aside from the preschool education, the government has also provided subsidy programs. This is why over 80 per cent of the parents expressed their gladness because of the effort placed on the public kindergartens by the national government.

In 2018, the Cabinet decided to open up additional slots in order to accommodate more students both in public kindergartens and semi-public ones. With this order, they were able to help 100,000 more students compared to the previous year. Su said that the numbers have been provided by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and it only pertains to children who are two years old and below.

He added that as of last year, there were 200 more kindergartens that have been opened to the public. This is to answer the pleas of parents who are having financial problems when it comes to sending their young children to preschool. With the addition of 200 kindergartens, around 7,000 slots became available and were immediately filled.

Adding the number of slots from semi-public kindergartens, the government was proud to announce that they have added 74,000 slots for daycare centers that are within the financial means of parents. This also helped the babysitting industry because 86.1 per cent of qualified individuals have entered a contract with these parents. In Taiwan alone, there are 24,008 babysitters and 20,671 have been contracted already.

Public and private institutions all over the world catering to young children including Anaheim preschool understand the struggle of working parents who need somewhere they can leave their children while they work with peace of mind. These schools, hand in hand with the parents, are able to mold the next generation of this world.