In Vermont, 78 cents of every dollar spent on the fossil fuel heating system is sent out of state. An option for Vermont is sustainably produced fuel so that every dollar spent will stay locally instead of spending $131 million on out-of-state fuels yearly. People of Vermont are doing just that particularly with the passage of the sales and use tax exemption on advanced wood heating systems.

Vermont will be restarting a value chain for the revitalization of rural communities and preservation of the working landscape. At least 80% of Vermont is covered by forests that require maintenance and stewardship through licensed foresters. Forestry operations are not cheap but the sales of low-grade wood have provided a funding stream to keep the markets viable.

In the past, the foresters could easily sell the low-grade wood to a pulp mill in New England but the market has collapsed. This shift in the market has sent ripples down the supply chain and resulted into the loss of good paying jobs. The effects were felt by the rural economy. In order preserve Vermont’s way of life, the state has taken the shift as an opportunity to improve the climate and reduce energy dependence.

Renewable Energy Vermont has a 5-year plan on how Vermont can redirect low-grade wood towards thermal energy. Advanced wood heating will help the state meet its energy goals with fewer efforts from homeowners. Advanced wood heating systems whether boilers or furnaces can completely run through wood pellets or chips.

There is hardly any difference except for the need to set the thermostat on the traditional heating systems. When nights start to get chilly, the thermostat kicks on and the system pulls from its reserve wood on the hopper or silo to keep families warm and comfortable. Operations of the heating system are the same but the difference is the homeowners will be saving a lot of money.

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