There are boiler insurance policies worth getting such as one from this company website but there are also that are only designed to rip customers of their hard-earned money. There have been piling complaints from customers saying that their emergency boiler insurance is now worth their money since these are not paying off as they have expected to.

For the past year alone, there is an evident increase in the number of complaints regarding insurance policy covers. There were cases wherein customers are left with no heating and hot water to use for several months despite the fact that they have subscribed to emergency repairs insurance that is supposed to cover a maximum of £900 annually.

Many customers are taking emergency boiler cover due to the continuous cold weather. They wanted to put their mind at ease if ever their boiler decided to break down while freezing cold. The cover will ensure that their boiler can be fixed within a few hours of reporting to the company.

This was not the reality though because customers said that their emergency boiler cover turned out to be a fraud. They were forced to wait for weeks and some go as long as months without heating and hot water. This includes homeowners who have taken an emergency policy. The long wait is due to the insurers who are not sure about how much they are willing to cover.

According to the record from the Financial Ombudsman Service which is in charge of financial grievances, there were 1,970 complaints from the month of April until September of 2018 regarding home emergency cover. The number is higher compared to 1,271 from the same time frame for the year 2017.

One of the most common reasons for the complaints is that majority of policies are only willing to answer for emergency repairs but they are not covering the replacement cost for broken boiler units.

Defaqto’s data shows that 48 per cent of boiler policy providers are not willing to cover replacement of broke boilers. For this reason, authorities have recommended that consumers ask before they take out a policy such as from this company website so they will know the specific details of coverage offered.